Nice gobbler Greg!  Itch I strikes!

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24lbs 11 1/2" & 6" beard

1 3/4" spurs

Used the Itch 1 w/ dogwood striker

"a few pics of my first kill this season. I was using the glass/slate two sided. Tree called at first light and he pitched off right into gun range. The strain was more than he could bare. This is turkey #5 that I have called in so far this season with this call."  ~ Michael Aka, BIGDOG

THANKS BIGDOG!!!  Good Looking Tom!

"I bought this call from you guys at Sportsman's Warehouse  one evening and you said to send you a pic if we killed anything with it. I took my son Adam Vess on youth day and he killed a nice bird that came to the decoys that evening but unfortunately we had not made a call. So I took my oldest son on opening day and my youngest son said he wanted to go out on his own and try to call one up. He is 15 now and has turned into a good hunter so I let him go on his own on my brothers land and he was able to call in a long beard and kill him all on his own using your call. (Which he has now claimed for his own and that's ok). This pic is one he took right after he killed it in the woods and that's why he is not in it (picture 1). I took him this past Monday and he tagged out with both of us calling and I've sent you pics of that bird as well (pictures 2 & 3). thanks for a great call, my boy is enjoying it."    ~ CHRIS VESS

Thanks for sharing Chris!  What an awesome season Adam is having thus far! 

So glad that he likes the call!  We are thankful for the opportunity to be apart of his turkey hunting journey!

"My husband loves his Bent Mountain slate"

Thanks, Crystal McGowan Madison, for sharing!!!  Congrats to the Hub!

"Thanks to Bent Mountain Game Calls for letting me talk the talk on this big old Tom!!!"

            Thanks for sharing Michael robic, Nice!

April 2016--Jason (BMGC), Lane, & Mike, as members of our local Roanoke Chapter NWTF, were honored to take 2 Wounded Warriors on a guided hunt at the awesome Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, VA.  Both hunters, were able to snag birds.  All participants say that this was an experience of a lifetime and are grateful to have been apart of the adventure! 

This bird was taken with the Itch I call, good bird Lee!  Thanks for sharing!

22 lbs, 11" beard 1 3/4" spurs

 Using the the one sided copper

and another...

"the ol' Copper Call strikes again!"

Good bird David and

Thanks for sending it in Nathan!

"another successful day with a

Bent Mountain Game Call"

Thanks for keeping us posted Bill!  Great looking bird!

Our boy got his 1st jake today!!!!

Called in a group of 4 jakes with our Field Grade Box Call.  This particular jake just about ran over them in the blind, giving Ty a perfect shot!

April 2014

One of our own, "Buster", took his 1st Tom of the season using a combination of the Ol' 2 Timer and a paddle box...way to go pa!

Becca and her jake

Great bird Mike!

"Brandon Owen of Rustburg killed this 22.25 lb 12 in bird 1.25 in Spurs thunder chicken using the copper slate call from bent mountain game calls!"

Thanks for sharing, good lookin' bird!

Thanks BMGC. Opening day harvest in Southampton Co., VA

~M. Price

Congrats Doug!!!

This guy was called in with one of our Custom-Made black aluminum calls.


Successful Hunts posted here!!! 

big thanks to all who share!!!

Mike and Paul got birds on the same day after 23 years of hunting together!  Just happened to be using BMGC box call and Ghost diaphragm.  That's a good day fellas!

A little "brag" of our own, Call Maker Competitions in 2016 have been good to us thus far:

 NWTF Midwest Turkey Call Competition - 2nd Place Owl Hooter

1st Place Call in the Southeastern Call Makers Competition!
Class I Best of Class BMGC and
Category I Short Box 1st BMGC

4 calls to place in the NWTF's 2016 Virginia State Call Maker's Open Competition!  Our Long Box and 1-Sided Box placed 1st in each respective category; Our Owl Hooter in 2nd; and the Short Box placed 3rd in it's category.  

Pics of our winners are on the home page.

Nathan Strikes again!  Called in with a custom Ol' 2 Timer in spalted maple.

"Another bow bird...the copper pot call did the job."

Good one Lane, thanks for sharing! 

2015 Season Shares

From the Field on Opening Day:  Score one for the BMGC guide services. 19.5 lbs, 9.25 beard. What a show! Called him in with one of the new mouth calls. 

~Courtesy of our field tester, M. Wright.

Way to go Greg, keep the pics coming in!

Call of attack...the itch 1

by Bent Mountain Game Calls

2014  Slayers

Copper Call Strikes again!  Thanks Lane!

William in Craig Co. with a 2 day streak

Update from Brandon P. today:
"Copper 1sided w/corncob striker 17lbs 9" beard Pilot VA.  I'm tagged out in 3 hunts. Gotta give a shout out to Bent Mountain Game Calls. All 3 birds were called with your call. Keep up the good work."

Thanks for the praise Brandon, and Congrats to you on a stellar season!


Brandon P. 


Copper again!  Great bird Nathan!

Bent Mountain Game Calls

Bent Mountain, VA

Here is a write up in regard to the hunt, courtesy of E. Caldwell:

Two soldiers were invited to Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, Virginia for a turkey hunt.  Navy Corpsman Ryan Riemann, 3rd Battalion 7th marines, Weapons Company, Heavy Machine Guns Platoon and SFC Bo Londagin, Army Special Forces Operations & Intelligence Sargent, were treated to food, lodging, and guide service.  In addition, several garments donated by Sportman’s Warehouse were given to each of the participants. Donations received from various sources covered the associated costs.
Special recognition should be given to Jason Poff, owner of Bent Mountain Game Calls.  Jason donated two custom built wood inlay hand carved box calls stenciled with the soldier’s name to each of the hunters.
The NWTF provided a BBQ dinner, masterfully prepared by Mike Wright and Lane Dellinger, on the eve of the hunt.  Primland guides Bobby Phillips and Sammy Howell joined us for dinner and exchanged stories of their guiding experiences.   
The dinner cooks prepared a wonderful breakfast the morning of the hunt before departing for the woods.  SFC Londagin harvested the first bird at 7:05 am.  This gobbler couldn’t resist Bobby’s call and strutted right in front of SFC Londagin’s shotgun at 30 yards.  It was his first hunt and needless to say, he was speechless.  Corpsman Riemann had to work a little harder, they chased numerous birds throughout the morning and finally connected at 11:15 am on a nice bird.  Sammy’s ‘never give up attitude’ kept our hunters on the move until they finally located this lonely gobbler.   
Both Corpsman Riemann and SFC Londagin gratefully expressed their thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity to participate in a great hunt - a hunt they called "a once in a lifetime opportunity". The program was well received and enjoyed not only by the guests, but also the participating partners.
A special thanks goes out to the Wounded Warrior Outreach Program, Primland Resort, Bent Mountain Game Calls, Sportsman’s Warehouse in Roanoke, Southwest Tool, Ferguson, US Crane, and the National Wild Turkey Federation.  And an extra special thanks to Bo, Ryan, and all the men and women of the Armed Forces that protect our freedoms both at home and abroad every day.

One of our own...

Lookie who finally got one...called in 6 gobblers including 3 that wouldn't come out of strut. (combo of Ol' 2 Timer and diapraghm) 9 1/2" beard, 1 1/8" spurs, 23 pounds.


"Got this bird using Ol' 2 Timer...a great call...Thanks, Gary"

Great looking bird Gary, thanks for sharing!  Love that pic in front of the gate!  Looks like a beautiful place to hunt!

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A Father-Daughter double!!  William and Elizabeth R. in Floyd County.  What an awesome memory! 

Andrew and Corey paired up to take this gobbler with one of our copper calls, they say that they'd been having trouble getting the birds to come in; but once they pulled out the Itch II, he was on the ground within 15 minutes.  Thanks for sharing guys!

"Second year with same Bent Mountain Game Call, and second big bird down
This time in Northern Va
They just plain work!"

Michael R. 

Our friends, the Rose family, are a hard core hunting family with turkeys as their specialty.  They hunt different farms throughout SW VA and post videos of the hunts. 

See their youtube videos, search Southwest Virginia Family Hunting Adventures.  Recently, and in all pics posted here, they've been using Bent Mountain Game Call's Ol' 2 Timer!  And have become firm believers in our calls!

  So thankful that we could be apart of this awesome adventure!       

Congrats to Bill Rose, his first Osceola longbeard with our Ol' 2 Timer